From SA to Qld via Strzelecki Track

As they say things are meant to happen for a reason. My father had a fall at home and was hospitalized for a month. We decided to head back to Brisbane to make sure he was going to be ok. We had been on just about every road from SA to Qld, except via the Strzelecki Track so that was our route.

We headed north to Leigh Creek and across from there – luckily the track wasn’t too bad. Rough in parts, a bit corrugated and lots of bull dust but not too bad. We stopped at Moomba Lookout overlooking the gasfields. The clouds were rolling in that night which wasn’t a great sign and by morning they were surrounding us. So we had the final leg to Innaminka ahead. We decided to camp along Cooper Creek. We unhitched and went for a drive to town for lunch at the pub, then a drive to Burkes Grave & a few waterholes.

Next is an example of what not to do in the bush: that night about 7pm it started to rain, drizzle at first then continuous spits – at this stage I was having internal kittens – our setup is quite heavy and we are on black dusty soil, so ‘B’ made the executive decision to move…quickly! We had stayed hitched up in case of rain, so it was a matter of plodding through the now muddy ground to the car and bolt! Slowly we made our way along the muddy track up to where the trucks park and that’s where we stayed! And to our joy the pub closed early to all the drunk patrons continued their revelry in the car park next to us…until about 3am.

At least we were not bogged. A few were and had to wait till it dried out enough to move. From Innaminka it was across the border to Qld and to Thargomindah. And that’s where the fun began – a very long detour onto muddy track due to roadworks. No choice but to go so we took it slow and steady and made it through ok, bit of slip sliding but all good. Just after we came through the road was closed. We booked into a van park for the night (to charge up) and found a truck wash down bay to clean the mud off the car and van.

Uneventful trip from there to the coast – lots of driving on a familiar route. We are currently north of Brisbane and ‘B’ is taking advantage of the stop to do small upgrades to the van & truck. So when we hit the road again I hope to be more regular with my blogging!

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