Laura Bay House Sit

We arrived end of March for our house sit which should see us through till mid-May. We have a lovely vista to overlook, our own private beach, we moor the tinnie just out front and it’s so quiet. We only get a few day visitors driving past to view Sandy Cove (about 100 metres from the cottage and a great run beach for Jeda) or to the Headland to fish or view the coastline. Apart from the days when we get so much wind we can’t take the tinnie out or we get sand blasted from the north, the majority of the time it is beautiful. Water is at a premium on this peninsula and very precious. A large stone water tank built in 1914 is nearby which collects run-off for local farmers in times of drought.

We are getting a couple of good feeds a week of King George Whiting, Blue Swimmer Crabs, Squid and Razor Fish. Ceduna, the town has most things and the locals friendly. It has two good size supermarkets, banks, info centre, sports stores, a hospital, pharmacy and auto stores along with most industrial businesses for the traveller’s needs. The only thing it doesn’t have is a full time vet which we needed a week ago. (Jeda had an abscess on her neck – 4 hour drive to nearest vet in Port Lincoln, overnight, then 4 hr drive back) Ceduna you really need a closer vet!!

Now I’ve caught up I will attempt to keep this blog more current (if anyone out there is reading it?!) Time to go fishing again….bugger!