Seeding in the Wheatbelt WA

Better late than never!! We did move on to another farm for seeding, but 3G wasn’t very good so I had to go ‘cold turkey’ from too much Internet stuff for a couple of months!

We joined a lovely family in the Bulyee – Kweda area of the wheatbelt to help with seeding of oats, barley & lupins. Well B did, I helped out with the animals and whatever else needed doing, and on a farm there is lots!

The prior Nomads had moved on due to not liking the cold….now I know why! It was freezing most days and nights. It was mainly the southern winds coming direct off the ice I reckon! Before we arrived we laughed we hadn’t seen our legs for months – they are lilly white! Being in jeans, boots and jumpers everyday does that!

We enjoyed our stay with them. B helped with maintenance for a week or so after, but then we had some more troubles with oil leaking from the truck, so we booked in to a repairer in Perth to have it looked at before we left. It took two goes and it’s still leaking slightly! Not happy as it’s a 2 hour drive there and back!!

We left a couple of weeks ago heading north-ish looking for sun! May head back to help with harvest in a couple of months, after we’ve thawed out a bit!