Hay Cutting in the WA wheatbelt

Due to lack of 3G in this area I haven’t been able to update lately.

We spent 2 weeks out near Hyden (Wave Rock) 200+ k’s north east of here. We took 3 cutters (big mowers!), a fuel truck and numerous vehicles (plus our house) to vacant farm houses which made it easier for us to cook meals and for the boys to have rooms to sleep in.

B drove hay cutters and I was camp cook and chief bottle washer.  I had plenty of subjects for photos (see galleries). Then we came back to this farm to cut hay. Now there are balers here so boys are carting the bales to the sheds from the paddocks. B had a go on the Tele-handler loading bales on the trucks (bit slow so left up to the younger guys!) and drives different trucks – good experience. Baling hay is all about the humidity – most baling work is done at night. Then the boys load and cart the hay early mornings till done.

We should be finished soon so we’ll head off on our next leg of our WA experience!