Sinkholes to Cottages to Wineries…all in SA!

Just thought I’d mention the Kingston-SE RV Park; as far as I know it may be the only RV park in SA with a ticket machine. For $10 you can camp for $10. Toilets are close, the town a short walk, the jetty straight out in front, dump point front of park & potable water nearby, no power.

Whilst we were held up in Naracoorte, we did a few day trips. We headed south through Coonawarra, Penola, Mt Gambier and Port MacDonnell. Just HAD to stop at Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate for a tasting and a sample to take home. Highly recommended!

The little town of Penola (on the hwy) has a Historic Precinct with the original cottages from the area open to view. A market garden in the back is available to locals to help work and use what they grow. Also, the park next door has some interesting ‘sculptures’ including a bearded Marilyn Monroe!

Only had enough time for a quick visit to The Blue Lake and The Umpherstone Sinkhole. Wrong time of day/year for good photos. Onwards to Port MacDonnell. We were hoping to visit Feast’s Private Classic Car Collection & Memorabilia, Lower North East Road, Port MacDonnell, but the owner was away that day, so only have pics through the gate.  Shame, cause B loves the Valiants (he had one ‘in the day’) Don’t let the blue sky in the photos fool you, it was deadly cold!!! And as we made it to Port MacDonnell the skies opened – so rain AND cold! 😦  So we drove around the seaside town and ate lunch in the car!

‘Doyaselfafava’ and visit these areas in the spring or summer!!!

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