About Us


Early 2004 my hubby and I decided that working for ourselves just wasn’t making us happy – long days, stressful jobs – maybe there was a better, less driven ‘life’ out there?

A change was in order, so…..we had our caravan custom-built, we sold the business and house and headed off on our great adventure into the unknown…

New canopy on rigWe work/volunteer, house/farm-sit, care-take along the way to supplement our lifestyle. We try things we haven’t done before which adds to the excitement of a new place, new people and new challenge. More importantly we feel better in ourselves in that we are doing what we love and meeting some fascinating and amazing people along the way.

It makes you appreciate your health, not your wealth.

In 2017 we found our ‘patch’ in the Clare Valley, SA to use as a base between travelling – ‘Da Block’.

I thought I’d put up a few photos of our travelling companion – our Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog – Jeda. She quickly grew from a cute pup to a lovely natured dog who travels well and gets along with most humans and the majority of other dogs!

Thanks for looking….and happy travels!

Sue Wyatt

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Images of Australia on our Nomadic Journey

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