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Blatant Promo!!

BLATANT PROMO!! Yes, I’m going to recommend a retailer!!

I recently needed to replace our very old and worn out Coleman 5 position camp chairs. They have served us well over many years but finally are ‘capoot’!!

So after much Mr Google searching I found Snowy’s, based in Adelaide. They are quick replying to emails and their prices were the best I found, PLUS FREE DELIVERY. WooHoo!!! Within 4 days I had two new Coleman chairs (in stylish black this time).
No fault of theirs, but a part  of one chair broke & within 4 days I had a replacement, no charge. Fantastic!

So Nomads, if you are in need of any camping or hiking equipment give Snowy’s a look @

Coleman 5 Position Camp Chair




New photos in catalogues…

Just a quick post to say I’ve finally been able to upload some more photographs to some of my categories – Flora, Building & Machinery & Panoramas WA.

Due to lots of rain bucketing down here in Southern WA (never knock rain) photos may be off the agenda for daily activities.

We are camping near the beaches , 3G not so great but still hopeful we can get our tinnie in the water before we cross to the next border!!!

Moving on & up

Hey there – last blog I mentioned we were probably heading south – funny how plans change! We have been offered some work short term up north in the Flinders Ranges at Arkaroola Wilderness Resort, so we will be making tracks up there very soon. Not sure if there is any internet access, so if not this will be my final blog till after we leave there. Our Xmas might have to go on hold this year – still hope Santa finds us though! 🙂

G’day Travellers!

Hey fellow Grey Nomads & travellers alike. This is my first post on my site so forgive me as I’m a Newbie!

Hubby (‘B’) and I sold up our business & house and hit the road back in 2005 and have enjoyed travelling Australia ever since. As a hobby I started recording our travels in photos (as most of us do). Some of them were pretty OK I thought, as did others and so I started selling some of them at local markets along the way.

We are currently sitting still whilst ‘B’ works as a cane haul driver in the Burdekin Region in north Queensland, so I thought I’d have a go at putting my photos online. If you like any of them please email me, more information on photos on Gallery page.