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Esperance’s Beautiful Beaches

This blog is a bit delayed as we are now in Ceduna SA, but I’d still like to tell about two beautiful areas we found before heading across the Nullarbor again plus our drive around Esperance….

Esperance: we did the obligatory 40 kilometre Great Ocean Drive. This took us to some amazing beaches: West, Salmon, Picnic, Twilight, 11 Mile & Observatory Point. We had our days exercise walking up the trillion stairs at Observatory Pt to take in the views. At 11 Mile, which is the end of the beaches, we had smoko overlooking a spectacular beach and swimming shallows. Highly recommend this drive….

11 Mile Beach, Great Ocean Drive – Esperance

Other sites not to be missed would be the Whale Tail sculpture on the foreshore, a walk along the whole foreshore area including a look at the old Tanker Jetty. We didn’t get to visit the Tearooms, but Taylor’s Cafe is said to be a good feed.

Early March: After leaving Esperance, WA we headed east to a couple of camp areas – we visited Membelup Beach – rough, long track in but no available sites big enough for us and very mozzie-fied! Earlier that day we’d found the most beautiful area, Wharton & Little Wharton Beaches, in Duke of Orleans Bay. As we are unable to go into Cape La Grand National Park because of our dog Jeda, we found the next best thing. This beach is pristine! We made a note to come back later.

Wharton Beach, Duke of Orleans Bay east of Esperance

Alexander Bay east of Duke of Orleans Bay –  we arrived a few days before the WA Labour Day long weekend, but the campsite was nearly full. We unfortunately had a ‘boggy’ problem trying to get to a sandy site, but I won’t elaborate on that 😦  We eventually found one area in the Fisherman’s Camp that wasn’t boggy & wet so we nabbed it. As it turned out we were neighbour-free all the long weekend – sweet!

We spent 5 days there fishing, walking the beach, enjoying the sunrises and sunsets and generally chilling. After the long weekend we packed up and headed back to Wharton Beach. It was beautiful. We spent most of the day enjoying this beach & photographing the amazing turquoise waters before stopping at Condingup Reserve for the night (free camp at the sports ground).

Before the big trek across the Nullarbor, we stopped for a couple of nights at Grass Patch Park n Stay, a small community run van park with clean public amenities and gravel sites (they also offer free washing machines). We enjoyed yaks with the locals and walking around this little quiet town.

From here we headed to Norseman for fuel then it was onto the Eyre Highway for the 1200+klm trek to South Australia!!


Our quick escape from Starvation Bay, WA!!

Now the waters have subsided and the roads are on their way to being rectified by Main Roads and most stranded Traveller’s are comfy in a new location, it’s all a bit ‘what was all the fuss about?

We were still at Starvation Bay on Tuesday 21st February (2 weeks since arriving there) when a Council worker drove by and advised that if we wanted to leave we should do it NOW! It had started raining again and he could see some of the gravel roads being cut off again. Luckily we had already hooked up and packed up the day before so we were easily in the car and heading out in 15 minutes!!

We headed up Fence Road where we saw where the rush of water had eroded all the sides of the road for kilometres. A single lane was open, the council had laid sand over boggy areas so we got through with ease. Turned onto Jerdacuttup Road and followed it to the South East Highway. Only one or two areas underwater and no problem getting through.

The rain didn’t ease so we were glad we’d heeded his warning about leaving. The winds were increasing to 40klm/hr gusts so we took refuge in a gravel pit 20klm’s out of Esperance for the night (along with a number of backpackers!).

Now we are comfortably staying at a van park in Esperance, re-stocking and having a clean up. The weather has been wonderful since arriving here!!

I guess my advice to Traveller’s who also find themselves in this situation: carry enough water and food to last you a week longer than you think you need – the dried foods such as pasta, noodles, powdered milk, flour, sugar etc can be lifesavers!!

We still quite enjoyed our time at Mason’s and Starvation Bay’s, despite the delay!!

The Grey Nomads website had an article on the flooding in this area…..http://www.thegreynomads.com.au/flood-2/

Flooded in at Starvation Bay!!! (appropriate name)

Well, we were having a fine time until about Wednesday last week when the heavens opened up, and up and up!

4 full days of rain day and night. At least we were able to fill our water tanks! And as I’m writing this it’s pouring again!!!

So we are now stranded here at the campground with other campers till the rivers go down over the roads as all flooded. The camp hosts are organising a food drop this week as most everyone’s supplies are getting low.

The bridge at Ravensthorpe on the hwy (Phillips River) washed away as seen on the News making life difficult for Truckies and Travellers. My recommendation to anyone heading towards Ravensthorpe and Esperance….DON’T!!