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Jeda & I on the cliffs somewhere along the Nullarbor!!

Winter has come to the Valley….

When you hear the words “experiencing the coldest start to winter since 1889” you tend to feel torn. ‘Wow, aren’t we lucky!?’ And, ‘no wonder I’ve got no feeling in my fingers & toes!’. Yep it’s been frosty for a week or so now. -3 degrees has been the worst so far….it was after 10am before the frost & fog lifted that day.

Our poor old Ford sits out in the frost each day wondering what hit it. Our tinnie is iced up (at least it might kill the mice). Living in a caravan in cold weather isn’t the greatest. Condensation is the main enemy. We have a diesel heater running mostly as well as the roof air heater. Our cattle dog Jeda loves it, she gets to sleep inside at the doorway, way better than outside.

We are staying on a friend’s farm near Clare. B is working nearby as well as helping out when needed here. I am the Domestic Goddess of Dog Whispering (at the moment), chook feeder & weeder/leaf sweeper! Those autumn leaves don’t pick themselves up!!

So a few more photos to show how our area of Southern Australia is enjoying? this winter….

Seeding in the Wheatbelt WA

Better late than never!! We did move on to another farm for seeding, but 3G wasn’t very good so I had to go ‘cold turkey’ from too much Internet stuff for a couple of months!

We joined a lovely family in the Bulyee – Kweda area of the wheatbelt to help with seeding of oats, barley & lupins. Well B did, I helped out with the animals and whatever else needed doing, and on a farm there is lots!

The prior Nomads had moved on due to not liking the cold….now I know why! It was freezing most days and nights. It was mainly the southern winds coming direct off the ice I reckon! Before we arrived we laughed we hadn’t seen our legs for months – they are lilly white! Being in jeans, boots and jumpers everyday does that!

We enjoyed our stay with them. B helped with maintenance for a week or so after, but then we had some more troubles with oil leaking from the truck, so we booked in to a repairer in Perth to have it looked at before we left. It took two goes and it’s still leaking slightly! Not happy as it’s a 2 hour drive there and back!!

We left a couple of weeks ago heading north-ish looking for sun! May head back to help with harvest in a couple of months, after we’ve thawed out a bit!