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Nosh Houses: Clare to Sevenhill to Mintaro to Saddleworth

Well, I love food. And on the rare occasion we ‘go out for food’ I like to indulge myself and order something that I don’t cook regularly (that could be an endless list!)

I will start by telling you about our experience at a Clare cafe, a Sevenhill Hotel, a Pub in Mintaro and a cafe in Saddleworth.

In Clare we do like to frequent  Zest Cafe – 260 Main North Rd (at the rear of an open arcade). It has lovely food, good atmosphere, happy staff and importantly for us, dog friendly (as Jeda comes everywhere with us). We have taken friends there after showing them Clare’s main street and sat and enjoyed beautiful food whilst catching up. On the occasion in the photo it was Valentines Day….(ooohh that’s coming up again!) and we enjoyed a beautiful (and very rare) breakfast out! It was yum!

The next excursion was my birthday (2017) when my beloved took me to lunch at Sevenhill Hotel – Main North Road at Sevenhill. Instead of eating in the main dining area we were treated to a dining experience….in the cellar! It was quieter, cooler and more cosy (being December). AND we were surrounded by the Clare Valley’s best wines!!! I spent a lot of my time reading all the wine labels. The meal was lovely and staff very friendly (even at the busy Christmas time rush).

Further afar from Clare is the historic town of Mintaro. Love this town and it’s buildings. In the middle of town is The Magpie & Stump Hotel – Burra Street. It has been newly renovated (originally built 1851) and open 7 days a week. It’s a must do when ‘cellar dooring’ around the Valley. We have taken friends there and enjoyed sitting inside as well as outside in the beer garden.  Lunch burgers are recommended along with an array of wines and beers. We have been there on weekends and sometimes the wait for your meal is a bit long but then they are a lot busier too. Take a walk around Mintaro and enjoy the stone buildings, the Maze, Martindale Hall built 1879-1880, a living museum.

On a Sunday after visiting the Saddleworth Country Market, we stopped at Saddleworth Cafe – 12 Belvidere Road. It’s also a grocery store. As we had Jeda with us we were able to sit outside and have our morning tea watching the passers by. The pancakes we had were beautiful (note Jeda eyeing them off!) I enjoyed wandering through the Saddleworth Community Hub Shop (it is jam-packed with retro clothes and bric-a-brac, plants, gifts etc). Also the op shop is in the main street. There’s enough to do here to keep you busy most of a Sunday – also a museum and a pub!

Next post will be some cellar doors that offer meals … and good ones at that!!

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The Clare Valley SA

So we now have something to fill in a month or so….or so we thought! We headed to Clare from the York Peninsula end of February. We had been asked if we’d do a house/pet sit on a property north of Clare. As we’d never really done one before we said ‘why not!?’

We arrived to a beautiful property about 10 minutes out of Clare CBD. It is a working farm running cattle, sheep and four different crops. The owners greeted us warmly and made us feel at home right away. The Homestead is gorgeous and exudes the history of this area. We parked our rig by their shed and took in our view – a beautiful 4.5 acre succulent, cactus and tree lined garden with hand made artwork throughout. What a lot of work had been put into this garden.

After being introduced officially to the most important members of the family – the dogs – we bid farewell to our hosts as they jetted off and left us to enjoy the rare opportunity to live in a house! Well we didn’t really as we are so used to our van we still ate & slept in it! I got to love Clare and it’s surrounds. As most would know wineries abound in this area and they are some of the best in Australia. To fill in our days ‘B’ and I decided to do some gardening – and it just snowballed from there. Lots of weeding, moving of rocks, planting of shrubs, cleaning of the pool, walking of dogs, playing with dogs, feeding dogs……just the usual housey stuff.

After many weeks the owners came home, lagged out and weary so ‘B’ and I and Jeda took off for a week to check out the surrounds. We visited Murray Town, Terowie (lovely little town with stores just like they were in the early days), Burra, Saddleworth then back to Clare. Burra is a must see – we got the Passport for all the attractions, historic sights etc and spent a few days visiting them all – well worth the money.

‘B’ was offered work on the farm seeding. What’s seeding? was our reply. So ‘B’ had 6-8 weeks on & off of driving a big John Deere tractor with the seeding machinery behind – don’t ask me to explain anymore! (See photos) And as it turned out the Farmerette in Training (lady owner) had to go to England on short notice so I stepped in as Farmerette with L Plates for seeding – feeding the men, washing, shopping, etc etc and looking after the fur-kids! Great experience for both of us and fun to boot!

But it all had to come to an end and it did mid June.

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