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Seeding in the Wheatbelt WA

Better late than never!! We did move on to another farm for seeding, but 3G wasn’t very good so I had to go ‘cold turkey’ from too much Internet stuff for a couple of months!

We joined a lovely family in the Bulyee – Kweda area of the wheatbelt to help with seeding of oats, barley & lupins. Well B did, I helped out with the animals and whatever else needed doing, and on a farm there is lots!

The prior Nomads had moved on due to not liking the cold….now I know why! It was freezing most days and nights. It was mainly the southern winds coming direct off the ice I reckon! Before we arrived we laughed we hadn’t seen our legs for months – they are lilly white! Being in jeans, boots and jumpers everyday does that!

We enjoyed our stay with them. B helped with maintenance for a week or so after, but then we had some more troubles with oil leaking from the truck, so we booked in to a repairer in Perth to have it looked at before we left. It took two goes and it’s still leaking slightly! Not happy as it’s a 2 hour drive there and back!!

We left a couple of weeks ago heading north-ish looking for sun! May head back to help with harvest in a couple of months, after we’ve thawed out a bit!


Stalls in Busselton WA till end January 2016!

Hey! Well I finally got accepted to some of the local stalls here in South West Western Australia!

Took awhile but now I’ve been doing the Vasse Saturday Markets and the Sunday Busselton Rotary Railway Markets.

Still can’t retire completely and hoping the next couple of weeks will pick up with Christmas on it’s way!

So if you are in the area please come down and support the locals AND Me!

Vasse – 19th December, Busselton 13th & 27th December.

Busselton-Rotary-Markets Vasse-Market-21st-Nov

No we’re not dead!

Hi there – well it’s been soooo long since I’ve been able to do anything on my site Blog-wise I do apologise (if there is anyone out there actually reading this!). We have been travelling non stop through Western Australia since June this year and have had very little 3G in most places we’ve been (our choice).

We have been up the Goldfields to Marble Bar and over to Port Hedland then down the coast, then inland at Geraldton to enjoy the Wildflowers, then through the Wheatbelt and down to the Cape to Cape region of the South West. That’s it in a nutshell!

We are now caretaking a farm in the South West for a few months so I should be able to catch up on photos and blogs in that time. Have been trying to find a local Market that will accept a ‘Traveller’ but there seems to be too many rules & regulations over here for stall holders, which is a shame as I haven’t found that in any other state to this extent. Hopefully someone will accept me soon. 🙂

Below is a map of our travels this year – it’s a wonderful land Australia – and the outback of WA is the BEST!